SHIELD Botanical Stem Cell and Cucumber Eye Cream


SHIELD Botanical Stem Cell and Cucumber Eye Cream Formulated with: Blueberry Stem Cells + Cucumber Seed Oil + Blueberry Oil + Raspberry Oil + Shea + Apricot Oil

Protect the delicate skin around your eyes with SHIELD Eye Cream Concentrate. Advanced Stem Cell ingredients with potent benefits impart antioxidant, free radical protection, rich in fatty acids and Phyto-nutrients necessary to protect this delicate skin. Potent Anti-oxidants from Botanical oils of Cucumber, Blueberry and Raspberry Oils are rich in Vitamin A with strong anti-inflammatory effects.

Ingredient Goals | Benefits:
• Minimize fine lines
• Phyto-nutrients protecting the delicate skin around the eyes
• Advanced Blueberry Stem Cell Technology enhances cellular metabolism
• Rejuvenating and skin brightening
• Anti-oxidant and Anti-radical shield protection
• High in Vitamin A and creates a lipid barrier providing moisture retention

We offer our Eye Creams in a large 20 ml volume as we encourage you to use these powerful ingredients along your laugh lines and between your eyebrows as well.

Sold By: LIFANCE Clean, Anti-Aging Skin Care


20 ml | 0.7 oz

100 % Luxurious 0 % Toxins

SKIN TYPE: Normal to Combination | Anti-Aging


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