Eco-Friendly Makeup Sponges

Ultra soft and high durability, Boop Bopp 2 piece makeup sponges are LATEX FREE, ODOUR FREE and ECO-FRIENDLY.
Sold By: Beets & Tansy Beauty Co.


  • Teardrop makeup sponges that create a flawless complexion and professional finish.
  • Set contains 2 makeup sponges, each 58x42mm (height x width) with two colours: Nude and Black.
  • Precision tip allows you to cover blemishes and apply makeup in more difficult to access areas. The rounded bottom makes blending easy.
  • Created with high-quality raw materials, this product is latex-free and allergy friendly.
  • Best used damp (they expand when wet and return to their original size once dry) and most importantly won’t absorb your makeup!


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