B&T Winter Detox Part 1

Congratulations on giving yourself the life-changing gift of bringing your body into balance! You will emerge feeling lighter and clearer and have the energy to accomplish whatever you set your heart on. The benefits of the detox will last far beyond the program, as you will have learned how to choose foods wisely, exactly which foods work for your unique body, and have an arsenal of daily detox tools to support your health for years to come.
Detox doesn’t have to be about deprivation or complication. Based on whole foods rather than pills or powders, this program is natural, safe, and effective.

Once you experience for yourself how great you feel when you’ve stepped off the sugar rollercoaster, you won’t want to go back. Excited? I know I am!

The full program includes three phases over 15 days:
 four days of preparation to ease your way into the detox
 seven days of detox (which you can shorten if you can’t commit to a full week at this time)
 a four-day transition period, during which we will uncover any hidden food intolerances as you reintroduce one food at a time

You will be seeing some foods, which may be new to you, like apple cider vinegar, chaga, and superfoods. These are optional add-ins. Feel free to skip them and modify any recipes if you can’t find an ingredient or want to keep it simple. You will still get amazing benefits just by following the guidelines for an elimination diet in your detox phase.
We know how busy you are, so we have designed this program to be easy to follow. Here’s a breakdown of the documents included to support you during your detox. They contain everything you need to ensure cleansing on every level.
This Detox Guide contains important information for all levels of detoxers. Here you’ll learn about the benefits of detox and why it’s important to detox in the fall/winter.


The 11 Days at a Glance gives you clear instructions on what to do during each phase of the program, including which foods to enjoy and which to eliminate.
Our talented chef has crafted mouth-watering Recipes using
seasonal ingredients that support detoxification and reduce inflammation.

The Suggested Meals shows the suggested recipes by day. Feel free to
make substitutions to accommodate for your lifestyle or preferences (as
long as you’re respecting the detox guidelines).

Your Shopping List is a convenient print-out for the ingredients you’ll need
to prepare the recipes in each phase. Again, feel free to adjust for any

The Ultimate Success Kit gives you valuable tools to use throughout your
detox to support your body emotionally and physically. Here you will find
the daily detox support tools, which will reduce any unwanted detox

The Food Diary provides a template for what you should be noting daily
after each meal. The information here will be key to finally identifying the
foods that give you energy and those that cause reactions.

We are here for you every step of the way. If
you have any specific questions or need some additional support, please
feel free to contact us.

The B&T Team


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