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B&T Promotes Canadian Woman-Owned Ethical-Based Natural Beauty & Wellness Brands While Encouraging People to Shop Local.

This lessens our collective footprint!

B&T has strict guidelines about what ingredients are unacceptable for our Brand Formulators to use in their creations. 

Each beauty product we sell must not only meet our strict guidelines but Health Canada’s as well. This is all part of our commitment to bring you the best of the best.

Beets & Tansy are a F Canadian Natural Beauty resource. We have an impressive lineup of brands using safe, sustainable, and ethically sourced ingredients to create products that do what they’re supposed to do. We never carry products with known harmful ingredients and we only stock brands that never test on animals. We at Beets ensure what your buying is safe by standing behind our policy of only accepting brands who do not use anything on our no-go toxic ingredients list. What’s more beautiful than that?!




Driving Industry Trends

We are striving to be the best Curated Canadian Natural Beauty & Wellness Marketplace. We know you as Canadians will help us make that happen. Help us pave the way for our Canadian Female Entrepreneurs.

Read about our founder, how she started B&T and her curated collections.

Brands Sourced from Canada

We want to represent brands from all over Canada and make them accessible. We absolutely believe that creatives have a gift to share and we want people to know they exist.

 If you are a founder of a Canadian Natural Beauty or Wellness Brand and meet the initial requirements then send us an email to hello@beetsandtansy.com telling us your story with a complete list of products and ingredients or fill out vendor registration.

Our Entrepreneurs

We work with amazing women from all over Canada and honor and respect each and every one of them and what fantastic work they bring to the table. High 5 Ladiescoolcool


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